Allvivo develops coatings for medical devices and combination products. We specialize in the development of antimicrobial coatings that are based on the combination of novel engineered antimicrobial peptides with biocompatible delivery formulations that prevent biofilms from establishing on medical device and tissue surfaces.

Antimicrobial Peptides  

Inspired by natural antimicrobial peptides, Allvivo’s lead peptides, ASP-1 and ASP-2, have been engineered to increase specificity for bacterial pathogens versus host cells, potency, and stability to enable high level performance within a range of harsh physiologic environments. A key distinguishing feature of our peptides is their ability to eradicate more dormant bacteria within biofilms. Antibiotics  target metabolically active bacteria and concentrations required to kill biofilm bacteria are typically 1000-4000 times the concentrations required to kill planktonic bacteria. ASP peptides also kill pathogens rapidly by membrane disruption, reducing potential for development of resistance.

Formulation Technology

Allvivo produces durable antimicrobial formulations for medical devices and multiple formats for wound treatment including biodegradable formulations. When combined with our formulation technology, the ASP peptides withstand challenging manufacturing environments, are compatible with end stage sterilization, and maintain good shelf stability. The biocompatible nature of our formulations provides an environment conducive to healing and prevents fouling of device surfaces to improve device performance and longevity. 

Technology Advantages

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial protection
  • Effective at preventing biofilm formation and eradicating preformed biofilms
  • Effective against multidrug resistant bacteria
  • Significantly more biocompatible than silver and antiseptic technologies
  • Excellent stability
  • Release profiles tailored to device requirements
  • Formulations protect peptides and retain activity in the presence of serum and wound exudate
  • Active over a broad pH range.